Revolutionary pen device can identify cancer in seconds

For all the technical advances made in the world of medicine, identifying and removing cancerous tumors from patients remains a slow and unreliable process. But scientists at the University of Texas have created a pen-sized device that can detect cancerous tissue in just ten seconds. Removing all traces of cancer is an extremely delicate operation;... Continue Reading →


Scientists make major breakthrough in molecular data storage

Researchers from the University of Manchester have discovered that storing data using a class of molecules known as single-molecule magnets is more feasible than initially thought. As Science Daily highlights, research led by Dr. David Mills and Dr. Nicholas Chilton from the university’s school of chemistry reveals that a memory effect called magnetic hysteresis is possible in individual... Continue Reading →

Nanodiamonds may soon make Exploding batteries a thing of the past

Researchers at Drexel University have discovered a way to make lithium-ion batteries safer using nanodiamonds. They have found that mixing nanodiamonds (above image) with the electrolyte solution prevents dendrites from forming, which is the primary cause for overheating and exploding batteries. Dr. Yury Gogotsi and his team recently published a paper in the journal Nature Communications. In it,... Continue Reading →

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