Top Tech Predictions of 2018

After a surprisingly robust 2017, our collective attentions now turn to the new year, and many questions arise as to what will happen in 2018. Some developments will likely be obvious extensions to themes or ideas that started to take hold over the past 12 months, but there are always a few surprises as well.... Continue Reading →


Summit supercomputer nears completion, will be fastest in the world

China currently leads the world in supercomputing, housing both the world's fastest and second fastest machines according to TOP500 rankings. Not wanting to be outdone, the US has been constructing what it believes will be the world's fastest supercomputer upon completion. Summit, as it will be named, is scheduled to have between 150 and 300 petaflops... Continue Reading →

Scientists make major breakthrough in molecular data storage

Researchers from the University of Manchester have discovered that storing data using a class of molecules known as single-molecule magnets is more feasible than initially thought. As Science Daily highlights, research led by Dr. David Mills and Dr. Nicholas Chilton from the university’s school of chemistry reveals that a memory effect called magnetic hysteresis is possible in individual... Continue Reading →

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