Dailymotion hack may have exposed more than 87 million users

Popular video sharing site Dailymotion said on Tuesday that it recently learned of a potential security risk that may have compromised the passwords for a certain number of accounts.

The company said in a brief blog post that no personal data has been comprised although it advises both partners and users to reset their passwords just to be on the safe side.

Given the lack of information, one might think of the breach as a minor event but that’s not the case at all according to breach notification site LeakedSource which contends that precisely 87,610,750 accounts have been compromised.

As of writing, there are more questions than answers regarding when the attack may have taken place, who might be behind it and exactly what data was compromised. Wired is reporting that around 20 percent of the hacked accounts had hashed passwords associated with them.

Javvad Malik, a security advocate at AlienVault, correctly pointed out that the Dailymotion attack serves as a reminder that a company doesn’t need to hold financial information or any other form of overtly valuable data to be a target. Attackers have a variety of valid reasons for going after a company, especially one with a large database of users, he added.

Indeed, the stolen passwords could easily be paired with data from other breaches to form a complete set of login credentials. This is precisely why you should always use a different password for every online account and service you own.

Source: Techspot


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