EU invests 1 billion Euros to make quantum computing practical

The project will help everything from networking to gravity sensors.

The European Union doesn’t want to simply wait around while scientists figure out the fundamentals of quantum computing; it’s giving the concept a big financial boost, too. The European Commission has revealed plans for a €1 billion ($1.13 billion) “quantum technologies flagship” that, like other EU-level efforts, aims to turn scientific discoveries into practical realities. The Commission expects the project to help everything from motion sensors in phones to virtually unhackable communications. Honest-to-goodness quantum computers are some of the long-term goals, the EU says.

You won’t see the fruits of this funding for a while. The flagship doesn’t get underway until 2018, and it’s going to take some time after that before you see anything come out of it. Even so, the very fact that a cross-continent governmental organization is pouring that much cash into the technology is telling. It reflects a belief that real-world quantum computing is relatively close at hand, and that it just needs a boost (albeit a very expensive one) to escape the lab.

Via: Nature
Coverage: Qurope

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