The Internet of Things (IOT)

After industrial revelation, internet was the greatest movement forward for the whole mankind. Which has enabled us to live in a smart and connected era. The term Internet of things (IOT) refers to objects those are connected to the internet either wired or wireless and have the capabilities to connect with other devices to create a network as well as share information between them. We already have more devices connected to the internet than we have humans on our planet and if this wave of connectivity continues, by the end of this decade we will reach over 50 billion connected devices.

IOT has already brought a significant transformation into the lives of individuals and businesses on a daily basis. For individuals IOT is already in use or in test phase for improved safety, everyday planning and health. Products like Fitbit, Nike Fuel band can already give us estimates on our daily exercise, sleep and other vital signs to keep us healthy. This advancement in health technology could only be achieved by the rise of IOT and improved sensors and has huge potential to be used for medical purposes. For example; doctors might be able to monitor their patients remotely without keeping them in hospitals, making the whole process more efficient.

With all its benefits, IOT brings some concerns as well and the major concern at this point is the breach of privacy. Although security measures are always in process to protect information but there is always a chance of information getting hacked or getting misused by companies. For example; government agencies all around the world have highest level of internet security but we often hear about them being hacked.

We have reached to a point where IOT already has a greater impact on our lives and in the process it’s making us more efficient, healthy and safe. Therefore the advantages of IOT are far greater than its disadvantages and there’s no doubt it will continue the positive impact on the world.


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