Bridging the Gap – Digital Divide

Preparing students for a Digital World

Digital divide


Australians are high consumers of information technology thus heading towards a digitally fluent nation.  However we are not all digitally fluent due to unequal access to technology.  People living in remote areas without internet access, low-income families and those living in developing countries can be negatively affected.   This inequality leaves those affected disadvantaged as digital fluency enables people to apply for employment opportunities as most jobs have ICT competencies as prerequisites and also means students don’t have access to important online and e-learning.

Finding ways to bridge the digital divide is essential to enable all individuals to participate in the economic, social and political arenas.


‘One lap top per child’ is a non-profit organisation aimed at providing low-cost, low-powered internet connections to children in developing countries. This enables self-empowered learners generating positive future outcomes.  For more information or to make a donation visit here.


As a life-long…

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