Gogo rolling out new text and call options for in-flight Wi-Fi service


In-flight wireless provider Gogo is in the process of rolling out a new set of features that will allow users to send and receive text messages and phone calls while flying the friendly skies. Known as the Talk & Text service, said texts and calls are routed through the company’s iOS app (Android app coming soon) although all communications will still be coming from your phone number as not to confuse friends and family.

Don’t get too excited (or pissed off) just yet, however, as the new features aren’t available as of writing. What’s more, the Talk & Text plans are only initially launching with a select few business partners. Gogo plans to change that as they are in negotiations with commercial airliners to get the service up and running for the masses. No word on how long that might take, unfortunately.

Gogo’s chief marketing officer, Ash ElDifrawi, said they see this as more of a text messaging product for commercial airlines in the US although the phone functionality is something that some international air carriers and business aviation customers have been asking for.

As The Verge points out, it should be relatively easy for Gogo to expand the service to commercial flights since there isn’t a need to install any new equipment. Furthermore, the company said the features could be bundled with their traditional Wi-Fi offering but the wording used gives the impression that pricing will be dictated by each airline.

Source: techspot


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