Hard disks still the most popular storage medium



Despite doom and gloom predictions hard disk drive (HDD) shipments surpassed 139 million units quarter on quarter (Q-Q) in the third quarter this year.
PC – 3.5” shipments were up 5% Q-Q to over 51 million units in Q3, 2013 (called CQ4 in the US).

CE – 3.5” shipments for digital video recorders were consistent Q-Q.

Mobile – 2.5” shipments were up 6% to about 71 million – mainly due to games consoles including Xbox and PS4 forward ordering 500GB units. Notebook drives declined.

Enterprise – eased slightly to 17 million units but don’t indicate a slackening of data growth.

Seagate shipped 56 million units, Western Digital 62 million units and Toshiba 21 million units.


Hard disks are hard to beat for capacity and price, despite doom and gloom predictions for the survival of PCs showing little sign of reducing. Notebooks are moving more and more to solid-state drives (SSD), which are not included in the above figures. Reducing power consumption, continues to be a driving force in that market.

The figures do not include SSD and lower capacity 8/16/32/64GB “flash storage’ which is eating into the HDD domain.

Source: itwire


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