Nokia works towards harnessing lightning to charge your phone

xl_nokia lightning

The research, a collaboration between scientists at Southampton University and Nokia, is looking at harnessing lightning as a natural power resource that could be used to charge your phones.

The sustainable method was recreated by simulating lightning creating a 200,000 volt surge and signalled that through transformers to charge the battery of a Nokia Lumia 925 smartphone.

Nell Palmer, a scientist at Southampton University’s Tony Davies High Voltage Laboratory, told “This discovery proves devices can be charged with a current that passes through the air, and is a huge step towards understanding a natural power light lightning and harnessing its energy.”

Nokia has always worked towards innovation and new concepts.

Chris Weber, Executive VP for Sales & Marketing at Nokia, added “This is the first for any mobile phone company to trial this kind of technology… we are always looking to disrupt and push the boundaries of technology.”

Last month, Microsoft agreed to buy Nokia’s mobile phone business in a £4.6 billion deal but the finalization of this depends on shareholders and regulators and, if all goes well, is set for completion in early 2014.

You can watch the proof-of-concept research video uploaded by Nokia below.

Source: t3

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