Powershop is the world’s first online store for electricity

Powershop CEO Ben Burge
Powershop CEO Ben Burge

Launched in New Zealand in 2009, Powershop quickly changed the way people thought about their power usage, gaining tens of thousands of customers in the process.

The company offers an attractive and easy to use online store for computers, mobiles or tablets that shows users how much power they use, when they use it, and how much it will cost, before they’re asked to pay for it .

Powershop CEO Ben Burge said Powershop was all about giving power back to consumers who are fed up and frustrated with confusing bills and rising energy prices.

“Basically to sum it up it’s daily deals for electricity, ” Burge said in an interview.

“Normally you get a bill once a quarter, your bill arrives and you open it up, it’s too much, and you pull your hair out. We’re doing something about it. Customers should be able to easily understand how much they’re using and how much it’s costing them before we ask them to pay for it.”

Source: itwire


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