Tokyo scientists have created the first ‘biohybrid’ robot, the metal/plastic skeletal framework is powered by synthetic rat muscles produced in the lab Scientists at the University of Tokyo have fabricated a robot that moves using live muscle tissue from rats. They call the cyborg-like appendage a “biohybrid robot.” The researchers published a paper in the academic journal Science Robotics that outlines the functionality of the creepy device and how they produced it. The robot itself is very rudimentary.... Continue Reading →


Researchers create world’s first 3D printed cornea using stem cells and algae, It could eventually help millions of people suffering from corneal blindness

What just happened? While it might not be the most successful of consumer products, 3D printing has found plenty of success in the industrial sector, including biotechnology, where it’s been used for creating bones and synthesizing medicines. Now, the system has been used to create a human cornea, a development that could help the estimated 15 million people who... Continue Reading →

Asus’ new cryptomining motherboard supports up to 20 graphics cards, When 19 GPUs just aren’t enough

What just happened? The cryptomining boom might be past its peak, meaning that GPU prices are finally on their way down, but that hasn't stopped Asus from bringing out a mining motherboard that supports twenty graphics cards via PCIe-over-USB ports. Last year, Asus announced the B250 Mining Expert—a cryptomining mobo that supports 19 GPUs. The company said it... Continue Reading →

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